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Serving international & dutch families in Rotterdam, Delft, The Hague and surrounding areas

Doula Support – Feel supported and cared for throughout your birth.

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your biggest fear” Jane Wiedeman

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Birth Photography – Because there is only ONE first moment!

“You won’t ever regret having quality images of your baby’s birth story”

Doula Support & Birth Photography. Best Combi ever!  

“Hi, I am Sophie. I’m British, have lived in NL for 25+ years & speak fluent dutch. Mother of 3 grown boys and professional birth doula for 8 years supporting many international and Dutch families through birth. 

As your doula it is important to me to: provide unbiased support, create a safe, calm and loving environment for you to welcome your baby into, make sure you feel supported and heard throughout the whole process and to make your birth the best possible experience it can be. I support birth in all settings and would love to meet you to see how I can support you during the birth of your baby.”      More of my story here


Mayana’s personal experience with Sophie’s support

“I chose Sophie as my doula because from the first interview she was attentive to my husband and I equally. She made us both feel like our questions were valued and she had such a calming friendly presence about her. We learned a lot from her about what to expect and what our choices were for the birth. Sophie made me feel like we have been friends for years. The entire experience was helpful but having her with us at the hospital was the best. After the birth of our daughter she continued to be an amazing support. Postpartum is a confusing time and with no family around it was great to have the right person to talk to who had been there through the whole process in pregnancy and birth.  

The most lovely thing about Sophie is her intuition and connection with female magic, she genuinely cares and that shines through all she does. She kept me focused and mentally strong. The investment in a doula is so small considering the level of support they provide. I do not think I will ever find the exact words to thank her for her presence and express the amount of joy I feel when I think of the whole experience.”  Mayana Alberici

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