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100 Amazing Births!

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Last week I celebrated 100 births since becoming a doula. What an honour, what an amazing feeling, so many sweet babies, so many lovely families, so many struggles, so many triumphs, so many twists and turns in the journey, so many strong mama’s & so many supportive fathers all seeking to begin their family life with the best start possible.

Pain, beauty, strength, tears, humour, joy, endurance, reward, frustration, expectation, disappointment, delight, confidence, trust, worth it all!

My crazy doula life has brought me so much, these words above describe so much of that journey for me and I know for all the lovely people I have supported in their journey to parenthood.

Interesting Stats:

50 Boys 50 Girls (wow could not have been more perfect:) ~ 24 different nationalities ~ 32% Dutch clients ~ 14 Home births ~ 12 C-sections ~ 5 VBAC’s ~ 78% used only natural pain relief ~ 12 Water births ~ 22% used medical pain relief ~ (12 Epidural ~ 7 PCA pump ~ 3 Pethidine) ~ 6 Birth photography (only) clients ~ 18 Confident Birth Course couples ~ 1 still birth ~ 2 family births ~ Most popular girls name, Sofia 🙂 ~ Most popular boys names, Jan, Thomas, Alexander ~ Aug 2014 busiest month ~ Confident, trust, just breathe & oxytocin words most used in my practice

Piic 100 births

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