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A passion to capture the moment!

Around the samOlivia Sophie.jpg-5e time as I started my training to become a doula, I came across the phenomenon of birth photography. I was immediately drawn in by the mesmerizing images and before long was totally in love with the amazing photography of  the American birth photographer, Lynsey Stone. Since then, in particular in the last year, birth photography has exploded as a profession and there are many who share their images on facebook and the internet. 2012-12-09 Morgan -18

Working as a doula I started seeing moments I knew I could capture on film. After being actively supportive and coaching a woman through labour, I would stand back and grab the camera to release the partner to enjoy the moment his baby was born and I would capture those first moments and hours on camera. I would look for those magic moments, those beautiful shots that I had become so familiar with through Lynsey’s work. It was important to me that the father be free to be there for his partner and meet his baby without having to think about the camera.

Salma-20I asked my husband, who is a professional photographer, to coach me and give me some lessons and with one of his old cameras I started to take the photography side more seriously and began experimenting with editing. Slowly the passion has grown and birth photography has became a part of my doula support that I cannot exclude anymore.

As a doula I have always written out the birth story to give to the new parents as a keep sake and a way of processing their birth experience. I began to see how much value the written birth story had in helping the woman process the experience afterwards and how much more powerful it was when the photos were included. Now I include the photos to compliment the story and make it into a birth album. The thread that runs through my work as a Doula and a birth photographer is the passion I have to make sure my clients can look back at the birth of their baby with a content and positive feeling. Being able to look back at the photo’s and see all the different aspects that form her birth experience allows the mother to relive the experience through the photographs and, if necessary, re-frame her perspective on what happened that day.

Salma-16Besides my doula support I am also available for birth photography and freshborn48 sessions. Birth photography is for those who are not interested in having a doula but would love the process documented with good quality professional photos. The freshborn48 is for those who want the first few hours of their baby’s life captured and not the entire labour or birth. This shoot is at the place of birth and within the first day. You call me when the baby is just born or about to be and I drive to the hospital or your home and document the story of your first hours (or close to it). This is also a great way to document the first moments an older child meets the newest member to the family.

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