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And there she is, Greta!! After a long but stressful pregnancy, that doctors tried to keep convincing her was high risk, this Mama kept on believing in her little girl and made it through to 39 weeks and 4 days of pregnancy. Her labour started naturally and was a long VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) journey.

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After many hours with little progression she made the difficult decision to have an epidural. Thankfully she was rewarded by being one of those women where the process speeds up after receiving an epidural and she birthed her little Greta vaginally as she had so hoped to. VBAC mama’s are so strong. In the early hours of this morning the 9th of June 2016, little Greta was born joining her sister to make a family of girls. A long awaited VBAC birth. Welcome tiny little one.

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