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Birth in Holland – Baby & Mama course

Loving our new Baby & Mama course over at Birth in Holland. 

This course gives new Mums and their babies the opportunity to meet and spend time with other new Mums while developing new nurturing skills and spending time gently activating their bodies.

My partner, Farola, and I teach four morning sessions. We try to create a supportive and nurturing environment that will set mothers up with skills they will find useful now and for months or years into the future.

The sessions begin with baby massage and movement for optimal infant development. The new Mums will develop skills on how to handle their baby confidently, helping them to relax more fully as well as discovering how to support them developmentally.

There is of course time for tea and the opportunity to get to know others in the group. There is space to share experiences as well as discuss issues relevant to new life as a Mum. This is a wonderful way of learning and increasing confidence.


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