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A great 2014 looking forward to a fantastic 2015!


I gave doula support to 22 women in 2014. I witnessed every single woman push the limits of what she thought was possible during labour and birth. I saw not only babies being born but Mothers and Fathers too as they became parents for the first time. I celebrated my 50th birth since becoming a doula supporting an amazing Mama who laboured hard and despite all her hard work had a cesarean birth. It hit me again how every woman and every birth is different. I am passionate about helping every women have the best birthing experience possible and for every woman that is going to look different… whether at home, in a hospital, with an epidural or in water, cesarean birth or not, all are the birth of a new life and all birthing Mama’s rock. Here is a review in fun stats of my 2014 Doula year:


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