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10-03-2017 There is something beautifully symbolic when a man starts making bread while his wife is in labour. The rhythm of the kneading, the rising, the wonderful aroma while baking. The loaves were Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoorbaked and cooled by the time the baby was born. A beautiful healing home water birth with some exciting moments like when the baby decided she was suddenly in a hurry to be born and the midwife wasn’t there yet. But hey this doula trusted the process and had seen enough water birth to support these parents as they birthed their little one together. And just as she appeared the doorbell rang and the midwife arrived.

Welcome gorgeous little one. 42 weeks grown and still a lot of vernix on your little body when you born. You are perfect and your Mama was awesome A special thing to see when a second birth brings the healing so needed from the traumatic first experience. It makes being a doula all the sweeter.

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