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Birth Album

Birth albums

“We were delighted with the most beautiful birth photos and birth album! In a few years, my daughter will be able to read her own birth story and grasp the beauty and uniqueness of that night.” ~ J. Galvao


Photo album XL – 28×21 cm  (*Max 24 pages. If extra pages are needed I will notify you first)

  • with photo cover – €75
  • with linen cover – 70

Photo album Square ~ 21x21cm

  • With linen cover- €65
  • With photo cover- €70

EXTRA: Large albums can be made with your personal birth story included.

The extra costs for a complete birth album with your birth story are~

  • Written by me: €55 (this is only possible if I was at your birth for a significant amount of time)
  • Written by yourself, and sent ready for use: €20 extra

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