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Birth Photography

Your baby’s birthday is worth remembering & is full of precious moments.

Birth photography compliments my doula work beautifully. All the photos on this site are of my own hand. There is a thread that runs through my work as a doula and a birth photographer. It is the passion I have to make sure my clients can look back at the birth of their baby with a content and positive feeling. Being able to look at the photo’s and see all the different aspects that formed her birth experience allows the mother to re-live the experience and re-frame her perspective on what happened that day. Birth photography and doula support is the best combi ever, an investment you won’t regret.

You won’t ever regret having quality images of this unique life event.

Hiring a birth photographer is one thing. But having a professional doula that documents the birth for you is a combination that seamlessly compliments each other. The camera is an extension of my arm and is always around so I can grab the shot as I see it and then continue with my doula support. My first priority is my doula support. Most women tell me they never noticed me taking pictures. Receiving the photo’s shortly after the birth can help you to process the birth and is a wonderful memory you won’t regret having documented. Let me give you back the story of your birth in pictures, you won’t have to miss a moment.

Respecting the space

birth photographers

Giving birth is an intimate experience. I respect the birthing environment and  document those moments and interactions that make up the incredible experience of giving birth. Please know that even though I love to share my work you will have total control over the pictures that are taken and I will honour any wishes we discuss before hand.

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