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Dads and childbirth!

Dads and Childbirth. Prenatal, childbirth preparation classes are usually not at the top of the “fun” list for Dads. Worries of having to do weird breathing exercises and watch awkward birth videos come to mind. Many guys are dragged to class with their partners after a lot of gentle persuasion.

Acquiring tools for a lifetime event~

The Confident Birth Course is a class for both of you – fathers have a very important role in supporting their partner during birth and we want you to finish the course with a good set of coaching tools so you feel confident to do that. Our course is designed to be interactive and creative. There will be time to process with your partner about the up-coming birth. Many couples are very busy and find it a challenge to put time aside to prepare for the birth together. Taking our course helps you to do that. I will be honest… you can expect a little bit of breathing and a birth clip or two but also lots of interesting facts and tools to help you be more prepared and know what to expect from the whole childbirth experience. My motto is: the more you know, the less surprises you get on the day!  Two Saturdays to prepare for an experience that will be life changing is well worth the investment and you will not regret it.

In addition to the wealth of information and support, many men find our classes help build a sense of confidence and excitement, and feel more connected to their partner and baby. It is only after a class has ended that we get the hugs and smiles from satisfied new fathers who let us know that they hadn’t really wanted to come, but are so glad that they did! So, do yourself a favour, BOOK NOW for a place in the up coming course. I look forward to meeting you and helping you acquire the right tools to make you the best coach for your partner during birth. .

Fathers 1st hour

Marta and Bas

“The confident birth course for new inexperienced fathers is an absolute must. The course brought a lot of stability and focus to relevant issues and created an even stronger bond between myself and my partner for the birth. After our son, Viktor, was born I realized that many of the things I had been applying that evening I learned on the course. It helped me give Marta the very best support possible. Socially it has been a great experience. Worth every minute, spent with people who instantly became new friends. Thank you Sophie, for hosting such a great opportunity” Bas ~Papa to Viktor

André2“I had no idea of what to expect and initially just attended to accompany my partner. However, the experience really enlightened me. I learnt that the birth experience is about the two people involved not just the woman. Sophie encouraged all the men to participate  in supporting their pregnant partners. I felt more connected to the pregnancy and became more prepared for the birth and welcoming our newborn. The birth course is not just about helping the pregnant Mum. Men NEED this experience too, it is a beautiful and special part of becoming a Papa”    André ~Papa to Philip

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