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Doula Birth Support

Feel calm, confident and cared for during the birth of your baby. 

The moment your baby enters the world should be the warmest welcome possible into your family, a good experience for you, your partner and your new baby. I can help you prepare for a safe, memorable and empowering birthing experience.

Home away from home

Giving birth in another country than your own can create uneasiness and confusion. Understanding why the norms are so different and knowing what to expect can make a huge difference to your birthing experience abroad. My desire is to help parents from all cultures, who call The Netherlands their home away from home, to have a memorable birthing experience.

Team work!

The role of the Doula is never to take the place of the husband or partner in labour but to compliment and enhance their experience. With a Doula as part of the birth team, a father can do whatever he feels comfortable with at each moment. Having a Doula releases the father to be fully present and to enjoy one of the most amazing moments of his life. A partner often feels more relaxed if he doesn’t feel the total responsibility resting on his shoulders.

What is the process?

  • Introductory Meeting
  • Following appointments
  • Estimated due date
  • The Birth
  • Processing & new beginnings

Introductory meeting

In order to feel comfortable about having me as your birth support, it is very important that it clicks between us and that your partner is comfortable with me being at the birth too. During the first meeting we will get to know each other a bit. You can express what your expectations are and ask any questions you may have.

Following appointments

If you decide to have me as your doula we will meet two or three more times to talk more specifically about your desires for the birth. During this time we will talk about the choices and options for birth and learn more about the birthing process. There is room to process any fears and insecurities you may have and plenty of space to learn different methods to help you relax during labour. I also help you create a birth plan with your wishes for the birth. Hopefully you will gain confidence and feel more prepared as the birth approaches.

Estimated due date

As the due date gets closer our contact will intensify. I will be available by phone, text and email during this time to answer questions or discuss any developments that may arise in pregnancy. I will officially be on call for you from week 37. If you go into labour earlier I will, to the best of my ability, be available. I work with a back-up doula, though rarely necessary.

The birth

When you go into labour, whether it’s during the day or in the middle of the night, I will come to wherever you are, at home or at the hospital. I will strive to be present within an hour. No matter how long you labour I will stay with you till the baby is born and you are well settled. During delivery, I will be a constant support and in close proximity to the mother at all times. My job is defined by your needs. I will encourage relaxation and a positive birthing environment, massage and breathing techniques and whatever it takes to decrease the discomforts of labour. The midwife or gynecologist will intermittently monitor your progress. They are the ones who are medically responsible for the birth of your baby. We all work together to ensure a good and safe birthing experience.

Processing & new beginnings

In the week following the birth I will visit you to make sure you are doing well, to admire your little one and to talk through the birth experience. Before the baby is a month old I will visit again to wrap up our time together and process further if needed.

“I wanted a doula to help me have a natural labor, but it turned out having a doula for the reality we faced- an induction ending in a c-section- was perhaps more important because it was so emotionally challenging and unexpected. Sophie was so worth the investment. The return was immeasurable.”

Nan Pond
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