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Doula, for a doula!

2013-08-19 Farola-21It is a special honour when a colleague doula chooses you to support her during her birth. There is not much I can tell her that she doesn’t already know yet at the same time I know that when labour starts she will need the same support as any women needs while she is labouring, a loving partner and a doula who is there for her to support her in any way she needs and a caring, competent midwife.

The journey to giving birth to your third child is different from the first and the second. The first you don’t know what to expect, with the second you know what to expect and know what you don’t want and with the third you are confident in what you want and often just want to enjoy every moment as if it were the last time you will experience it. I know this is true of many third time Mums, it was for me and I know it is for Farola. So this journey of labour may take some time the third time around, time to feel and to enjoy every moment however intense.

We had a practise run in putting up the birthing pool and having a feel for what its like to be in there. The boys thought it was great fun! We have also had a practise run of an evening of labour and now we wait at 37 weeks, we wait for the baby to choose her moment, we wait patiently for the labour journey to continue.

I am so curious to meet this little girl, we all are… but in her own time she will come.


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