Everything about Sophie

Love for travel

I love to travel with my husband and love to be out in rugged nature. I grew up in Cornwall in SW England and love the coast and moors of my youth. I have family in Canada too and have made some memorable trips out there and Scotland was our last trip before Covid broke out. Loved it.


When I am not supporting expecting and new parents you may find me baking or cooking, both of which I love. My favourite dessert is cheesecake although my good friends know I am very picky and a definite cheesecake snob. Best cheesecake I ever had was yes.. in Paris! True story šŸ™‚ I am even crazier about roasted vegetables and will eat them like candy. You can wake me up for Tony Chocolony's caramel & sea salt chocolate because salt... Oh I love salt.

Telling the story

The process of labour and birth looks different for everyone and that makes my work interesting and very rewarding. My doula work is beautifully complimented by my passion to document the birth. I fell in love with birth photography when it became popular and available on social media in 2009. My passion grew from that love and a desire to give the story back to the mother so she would have a positive memory of her experience. I love to capture the beauty and rawness of the labour process and those first moments of a baby's life. Such a precious memory to have.

Birth in Holland

I am co-founder ofĀ Birth in HollandĀ serving the english speaking community with a passion, teachingĀ The Confident Birth CourseĀ and other coursesĀ together with my midwife colleagues, Elinor and Martha.

I am a doula trainer atĀ InBloeiĀ teaching and mentoring new doula’s.

And these are the amazing human beings I gave birth to!

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