• Healing after a traumatic premature birth

    I met Tanya at a Confident Birth course I was giving for Birth in Holland when she was pregnant with her first baby. Her first baby was born prematurely at 34 weeks and was a very traumatic experience for her. It was an experience that brought her PTSD and many months of struggling to recover. more »

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  • The Ultimate Story

    The full package: When your doula can document the whole story and doula you too! Expecting a sister. Sis is on the way Jul really wanted to have a home birth with her oldest daughter present. Because of a medical indication from her last birth she needed to have the baby in the hospital. After more »

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  • Virtual doula support – Thanks to Covid-19

    Who would ever have known that would become a thing? I often meet new clients and fall in love. Like often! I walk out of their home and have a real sense of yes!! I like them, I am so looking forward to supporting them, how lucky am I to get to meet so many more »

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  • The relief & the joy!

    A strong bond in utero! They always told me they knew she was a strong one. When this little one was showing us she didn’t like what was going on during the labour and started reacting to the situation, with a high heart rate, her parents connected with her and literally talked her heartbeat to more »

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  • Pivot with patience!

    At 36 weeks M was looking forward to some relaxed weeks preparing for the arrival of her first baby. Just after finishing all her work, on the last day before her maternity leave, the waters broke. Labour did not kick in but there were some contractions. After a week of waiting it out at home more »

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