When your waters break and the baby kind of falls out!

In the early hours of the morning she found herself getting in and out of bed because of a few cramps. She was not sure if this the real deal or not. The contractions were regular. Her husband got out of bed after two hours and quickly called the grandparents to come to be at the house for their daughter. The contractions were coming quickly now and the grandparents had to drive an hour.

Big sister woke up soon after I arrived and came downstairs to meet her new brother.

20 minutes later I was called and asked to join them at the house. It was 5.10. The plan was to go to the hospital because of a medical indication. What happened next was a big surprise.

The grandparents pulled up at the house at 5.35 and as they entered they heard noises coming from the bathroom. 5 minutes earlier the waters had broken and immediately after this strong mama felt the baby pushing and went to sit on the toilet. This is when she called me again and I helped her stay calm through one contraction and and the last thing she said to me before hanging up was “the baby is coming!” I knew then I would be too late. I sent a message that the best person to call was the midwife but that message wasn’t read til hours later!

A contraction later the baby was born into his papa’s hands while she stood by the toilet. Papa held him in his hands for what felt to him like a life time, not knowing quite what to do. They were not exactly sure what the exact time the birth was… who looks at the clock at moments like these?

As soon as Opa peeked around the door he thought to call the ambulance service. They kept him on the line and instructed him how to clamp the umbilical chord. Opa came into his own and thought it was one big adventure. Oma didn’t dare look 🙂

At 5.55 the ambulance arrived. Ambulance brothers treat it as an emergency and don’t really know all the ins and outs and recent research on birth and the time after. Baby was quickly dressed to keep him warm and mama was put on a stretcher. The placenta was not yet out.

When I arrived a few minutes later the baby was lying alone on the changing mat with a hot water bottle with Oma looking lovingly at him. I encouraged Oma to cuddle him and assured her that was much better for him than lying alone. I said Hi to the super mama, gave her a big hug and told her I was proud of her. Then I made sure the baby got some skin on skin cuddles with mama, the warmest and safest place to be after being born.

The midwife had also been called by the ambulance call centre and she arrived shortly after me. When she arrived I grabbed my camera to document what was going on. I know that with unexpected fast labours like this photos can be such a help with processing the event afterwards.

The midwife took over the delivery of the placenta and the baby checks. He was a perfectly healthy boy.

Back to mama
After all the adrenaline and excitement, a dance in the living room.
Super woman who just birthed a tiny human into this world.
Proud sister and tired baby! All wrapped up and ready to go to the hospital.
Ready set go!
Finally time to relax and breastfeed in the hospital.
And super dad taking time to calmly admire the new addition to the family.

A midwife is the better one to call in these situations because they are used to dealing with home birth. Its good to have the ambulance there just in case but definitely not a necessity.

So if you ever find yourself in this situation. Call the midwife! She will call the ambulance if she feels it necessary.

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