Essentials that contributed to my VBAC

Good and thorough preparation:

Being committed to practicing my Hypnobabies, practicing positivity and doing my research.

My Birth Team:

My doula who listened to me and processed my first birth with me for 2 years (above and beyond) through post traumatic stress and my desires and fears to have a second baby. She stayed with me through my almost 3 day labour journey being that consistent support and encouragement. She knew my journey.

My (caseload) midwife who gave me all the time i needed at appointments and believed in me, never saying my baby was too big or doubting I could give birth to him vaginally.

My husband who supported me through my ups and downs, diligently studied the hypnobabies with me, massaged me a lot and knew how much I wanted to birth my baby in this way!

Labouring at home:

Feeling comforable and labouring at home as long as possible, allowing labour to establish well. Having my doula with me and having

contact with my midwife allowed me to relax and be patient.

Supportive hospital protocol and staff: 

I was very lucky to now live in one of the only places in The Netherlands there is a special protocol for women wanting a VBAC, Groningen (of all the places;). This meant I could stay under the care of my midwife for the last weeks of pregnancy and under the supervision of the gynecologist during labour also. (Usually women who want a VBAC transfer to the gynecologist at 36 weeks and don’t see their midwife again til after the birth)

Luck!! Yes luck!!!

Who would know I would be lucky one and not belong to the 0:8% who’s scar would rupture? Who would have known that when we moved to Groningen for my husbands job that we would live close to the hospital that had special protocols for VBAC? Who would¬†have known I would find a caseload midwife who was perfect for me? Who was to know that I got lucky enough to have a doula for my first birth who would be crazy enough to come up to Groningen from Rotterdam to support me through my second birth, who would have known that my baby would fit through my perlvis (no that’s not luck, of course he would:) who would have known I would be so lucky that everything aligned and all my hard preparation paid off? So yes, luck too!!

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