• Essentials that contributed to my VBAC

    Good and thorough preparation: Being committed to practicing my Hypnobabies, practicing positivity and doing my research. My Birth Team: My doula who listened to me and processed my first birth with me for 2 years (above and beyond) through post traumatic stress and my desires and fears to have a second baby. She stayed with more »

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  • Angela’s VBAC interview

    The struggles and the victories! What were the circumstances that led to your c-section? I was induced at 39 weeks for suspected big baby due to diabetes (despite several negative tests results). For three days I got prostaglandin pills and membrane sweep but never went further than one cm dilation. The medical staff decided to more »

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  • My fears of choosing a cesarean section

    Angela’s email continued: Read the first part here “In general, a C-section seems to me a weird way of giving birth. A woman is about to experience one of the strongest transitions in her life and we add to this, a major abdominal surgery, which persé is a difficult operation to go through. After such more »

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  • My VBAC fears

    I really do want to birth vaginally… or do I? When Angela was 2 months pregnant she sent me an email that read like this. Angela wrote: “I started to list the main fears that I have when thinking of a VBAC. While I read it back I thought “OMG I have so many fears, more »

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  • Vaginal birth after a traumatic c-section

    07-04-2016 ~ Two years ago these two became a family in a very different way than they had planned. I met Angela and Marco when they attended The Confident Birth Course while pregnant with their first child. Coming from Italy they were clear at first they would have much preferred to give birth via a more »

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