The relief & the joy!

A strong bond in utero!

They always told me they knew she was a strong one.

When this little one was showing us she didn’t like what was going on during the labour and started reacting to the situation, with a high heart rate, her parents connected with her and literally talked her heartbeat to a more peaceful place. They talked to her in Russian and talked and talked to her some more. Through their tears of worry they seemed to have a steady trust in her strength. I watched the CTG out of the corner of my eye and I saw her heartbeat slowly going down and stabilising.

The strength of this couple and the bond they had with their unborn child brought tears to my eyes. It was beautiful!

After a birth with some very difficult and unexpected moments the relief was overwhelming.

I have so much respect for these two. The fight they put up to have the best birth for their baby, wrestling with the fact that interventions were necessary, the cascade of interventions that followed and the hard work and tears they both put in, I shall never forget.

Proud Dad!

Its super important to this couple that you do not think that because they are smiling, and the joy is evident in these photos, giving birth was a joyful easy experience. It was definitely not. It was disappointing in many ways and traumatic in others. The photos depicting the labour journey they prefer to keep private. But this, however hard, was the birth day of their daughter and the joyfulness that you see here does deserve to be shared. In celebration of her!

These two (actually three) will always hold a special place in my heart.

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