Pivot with patience!

At 36 weeks M was looking forward to some relaxed weeks preparing for the arrival of her first baby. Just after finishing all her work, on the last day before her maternity leave, the waters broke.

Labour did not kick in but there were some contractions. After a week of waiting it out at home and at the hospital the labour was finally induced at 37 weeks exactly. It was a hard week functioning under the Covid-19 rules but M was strong and determined to do what was best for her baby.

I was thankfully given permission to attend the birth which was going to be a lot different than M & R had hoped for. A home water birth. Having an extra dose of patience and acceptance and being forced to pivot with the plan!

Labour kicked in and between the shower and the ball next to the bed, with endless counter pressure from her amazing partner and coaching from me through those crunch moments when she doubted if she could carry on without pain relief. She was strong, just when she thought she couldn’t on she dug deeper!

The pushing urge came and boy it was powerful with a hint of ecstasy at the beginning. She loved this feeling and felt strong and powerful. She gave birth on her knees and reached down to pick up her baby herself.

“There you are!”

The Golden Hour with the perfect golden light!

Skin on skin with Papa.
That “I did it!” look!

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