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First Aid in English – Make your home a safer place for your little ones.

Birth in Hollands First Aid and Paediatric Life Support workshops

If you’re a parent, grandparent, family member or babysitter, learning first aid can give you confidence to save a life when it really counts.

In our First Aid workshop – EHBO, we cover a range of different conditions and techniques – including the most common household accidents that occur with babies and young children. You will learn first aid advice for many household accidents, from dealing with a choking child or baby, to recognizing the signs of meningitis and other illnesses.

Our PBLS (Paediatric Basic Life Support) workshop focuses on resuscitation techniques for young babies and children following the European Rescuscitation Council guidelines.

The workshops are designed to be interactive, giving you the chance to practice the skills you learn. After completing the workshop PBLS you will receive an NRR approved certificate and a summary of the most important information.

Join us, it is a lot of fun, you will love it and feel more confident afterwards!!

“After attending the ‘First Aid for Parents’ I feel very well prepared for having to deal with any of the scary situations we may go through with our child. A very hands-on and dynamic workshop. A must go!”

Li Wu

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