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14-10-2016 ~ Milan

One long labour, one strong mother determined to have a VBAC, two fierce and loving midwives, one gentle sweet father, one big brother excitedly waiting at home with his rather nervous Grandmother and little Milan who, for reasons we may never know, needed to be born by cesarean.
Milan was placed straight on his mother after the birth of the placenta, had 5 hours continual skin to skin, his placenta stayed attached, his parents loved on him and the doula? She was allowed in the OR to document the whole birth!! So grateful


I love seeing how excited parents are to show their older children their new sibling. I watch as their hearts expand with love for that new little baby and as soon as their firstborn enters the room the love that already filled their hearts is so loud and clear.  Big Bro Luca was oh so proud!



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