Thankyou notes

Al meer dan 10 jaar gezinnen steunen!

Thankyou notes

Al meer dan 10 jaar gezinnen steunen!

I cannot imagine giving birth without a doula.

“It is difficult to find the words to express how grateful we are for all the support and care you provided during this journey of having our second baby girl. You were essential to having the birth I wished for and it was really incredible for me.

I cannot imagine giving birth without a doula. You are very special to our family and are so important to us and our little ones.”

Juliana & Daniel
Having someone who believed in me made a difference.

“I have said this over and over again to friends: hiring a doula was the best spent money ever!

Having someone we trusted who helped us navigate all the choices before us was invaluable. As a first time mother, having someone who believed in me made a difference. Sophie’s help was also invaluable for my husband, she helped him go through the birth experience better. He was an amazing supporter.

I still cannot believe I did it! And sometimes I look at my son and I wonder if the birth really happened or maybe he just came to us on wings of an angel. Or maybe both. And Sophie was our angel!”

Raluca & Iian
We shared the most intimate joys and pains with her.

“We felt secure with Sophie from the very first meeting. We were hoping for a VBAC and we succeeded as a team! Sophie was there to pick up my morale when needed so I could continue listening to my baby and my body. She was there to answer all our questions. Sophie for us was a support during the pregnancy just as much as during birth and in those months we shared the most intimate joys and pains with her. Feeling serene and staying positive during long hours of labour at home and later in the hospital were possible thanks to her constant support and that has no price tag! It was a pleasure, and so natural, to have her over again post birth and share and process all that happened.”

Ugne Marchionno
Female magic!

“Sophie made me feel like we have been friends for years. I do not think I will ever find the exact words to thank her for her presence.

The most lovely thing about Sophie is her intuition and connection with female magic. I watched as our relationship began to grow and she kept me focused and mentally strong. She helped guide me to a powerful place within myself I had never seen before.

My vaginal breach birth was the perfect example of how when a group of people who believe in the power of women’s bodies are in the same room, new life can enter the world just as it always has.

The investment of a doula is so small considering the level of support they provide.”

Mayana A
I felt safe,cared for & protected.

After a very traumatic first birth which led me to be diagnosed with PTSD, I was blessed to meet Sophie and ask her to join our team to bring our second baby into the world.

During pregnancy she was always attentive to changes and development and always there to give advice or a word of encouragement, during delivery she gave us the feeling of security of knowing that someone knew perfectly what to do for us when the pain did not let us think clearly, thanks to Sophie I felt safe, cared for, protected, thanks to her we were able to let go of things that were not in our control, thanks to her and with a little help from nature all my wishes were fulfilled during the delivery of my baby and today I can say that I have a second beautiful and peaceful experience that erased the bad taste of my first experience from my memory.

Carly Rodriguez
A highly valued companion and friend along the way.

“In the beginning we were not completely sure whether we really need a Doula or not. A “stranger” who will be part of one of our most intimate moments? Is this the right way for us? Maybe it will be fine just the two of us, even though our family cannot join us (due to covid)…..? These were our thoughts at the beginning of the pregnancy.

Now, looking back it was the best decision to make the choice to hire Sophie! Not only did she became a highly valued companion and friend along the way, but she gave us such good tips and advice that we did not think of ourselves – even though we would say we were well prepared for the journey. She asked the right questions when a decision was difficult to make and gave us the right impulses so we came to best possible outcome for us.”

Julia Wilkenloh
A great sense of humour!

“You showed me I had more options than I considered possible- and motivated me to get pain relief if that was right for me- which made the whole experience more manageable. You never judged me for my choices, were very compassionate and had a great sense of humour! I loved how you interacted with my two girls and the oldest one still talks about you.

Even though there was a change of plans at the last minute, I was calm because you were there. My husband also benefited greatly from your presence during the birth. I could see it in his face during labor- it was calm and composed, instead of pale an anxious like the last time. I think it was because he knew I was in good hands and also because he wasn’t the only person responsible for my birth experience.”

Olga M

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