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07-11-2016 ~ Welcome Oliver & Merlijn

(My 120th birth;)


I have so much respect for this couple. They walked a path so different than they originally had hoped to because they were expecting identical twins, and they did it so graciously. It was a medical journey with many hospital visits and check ups. They made informed and sometimes agonising decisions throughout their pregnancy. This mama was(is) strong and determined and she grew her little ones on the inside for 37 weeks. Women bodies are AMAZING! They surrounded themselves with a supportive team: a favourite midwife, a rather special gynaecologist, and me (their doula;) and were lucky that exactly those people were working on the day. And she… she gave birth so peacefully and yet with such power. Beautiful Mama, beautiful woman
These two little ones have a big brother who is all of 18 months old. A precious family

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