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Confident Birth Course

Helping you dream, prepare and make informed choices for your birth. Join our English Birth Course.

The Confident Birth course covers many aspects of the birth experience and is especially designed for international families who are English speakers. There will be time to get to know the other couples while discovering more about birth. The informal and creative environment allows for interaction and discussion in smaller groups. Sophie is co-founder of Birth in Holland and gives The Confident Birth Course together with a team of doula’s and midwives. We hope to see you soon at a course that suits your due dates.


Labour, Birth and Hormones!

Week 1 Saturday from 10.00 – 16.00
After this 1st day together you will:

*Understand how the Dutch system works.
*Understand the physiological process of birth.
*Feel confident that you have tools that will help the process along.
*Understand how hormones can be your friend and not your enemy.
*Have identified your fears and learnt how to reduce your anxiety about and during birth.
*Have learnt some massage tools for the partner to use during labour.
*Have tips on how to optimalize the golden 1st hour of your baby’s life.
*Be able to start writing a birth plan.

Optimizing Birth no matter what comes your way!

Week 2 Saturday from 10.00 – 16.00
After the 2nd day you will feel confident that you:

*Know the options there are for pain relief.
*Know how to reduces stress during labour.
*Have identified your preferred breathing techniques.
*Are informed about the various interventions that can be offered during birth and what to expect when they are necessary.
*Feel equipped to converse with your care provider about decisions that need to be made.
*Have acquired tools the partner can use to be involved in supporting.
*Understand how induction works and how to optimize labour when induction is necessary.
*Have tips on how to optimize bonding when a c-section is necessary.
*Know when to go to the hospital.

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‘My hope for each group is that a feeling of community forms as you all start out on this journey into parenthood. Maybe some friendships will form so you can support each other well into the first year of your baby’s life and maybe even beyond. The importance of connections with others can not be under rated during such a mile stone time in your life and while living in a country other than our own.

So go on over to Birth in Holland and sign up now for the next course. I look forward to hearing from you”
— Sophie

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