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Speedy hospital birth without epidural!

13-04-2017 is the day this little man came into the world with a bit of a whirlwind. This little one is the fourth child. Giving birth for the fourth time you would think it be an easier delivery. At least you are experienced and you know what to expect… but this was her hardest birth, she said afterwards. “It never hurt this much before and was totally different!”

One difference was that she had used a light epidural with the other births and the labours were all much longer too. She hadn’t minded the longer labours and was quite looking forward to it even. This time she wanted to try a natural birth. “Its the fourth time so why not try something different?” she said. Little did she know that this little man was not into wasting any time and came fast and furiously and there would have been no time for an epidural had she even wanted it! “Speedy Gonzales” she jokingly named him after he was born! Welcome little man, you will be loved to bits and nurtured by many.

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