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Albertina was hoping for a nice quiet home birth for her second child but for medical reasons everything changed at the last minute and the labour was to be induced. She knew that in a medical setting she wanted extra support. Her midwife had promised to come if she could but could give no guarantee. So she contacted me to be her doula. The midwife did join us, as she had a quiet shift, and stayed till the baby was born. Here an emotional moment shared between women. The continual presence and support of her partner, doula and midwife made a huge difference to Albertina’s birthing experience. Photo taken bIMG_9196-edity Papa of course!! Little Tim was born a few hours later. Albertina was very excited to tell her oldest son Sven on the telephone that his baby brother was born and that they chose the name he had thought up for him. Such a sweet moment.

“Steffen, Sophie en Marsha hebben voor mij het verschil gemaakt, bedankt! Net als de geboorte van Sven was die van Tim een prachtige ervaring!”

“Steffen, Sophie and Marsha really made the difference, thank-you! Tims birth was, just like the birth of my first son Sven, a beautiful ezperience!” A Dirkx

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