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Too late again!

Her brother came into the world 5 minutes after I entered the bathroom where his Mama was in the bath after a very fast labour. The midwife arrived after me!

This time we prepared for the parents to catch the baby just in case this time went even faster. Papa was super calm last time so had the confidence it would be ok. We talked about the different options, I sent a few videos of unassisted births to prepare them for different scenarios.

I know it is hard to imagine that it can go so fast that there is no time for the midwife to arrive, but it happens. Some women don’t feel much pain for the first part or they sleep through it or have a bit of belly ache and are not sure if “this is it” or not!

So yes this time it went fast too and Papa caught this little one. The pool was already set up in the bedroom weeks before. Dad started filling it just before calling me and the midwife. Mama was just in the pool and she had one pushing contraction and knew the baby was coming. The midwife arrived just after the baby.

This was who greeted me when I arrived just a bit later.

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